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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto.
GitHub Universe 2021 Highlights in Korean

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GitHub Universe 2021 Highlights in Korean

December 09, 2021 • Online

In this webinar, GitHub staff will share in detail the highlights of the new features announced during Universe21.

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Issue-Label Bot

Issue Label Bot automatically labels issues as either a feature request, bug or question, using machine learning. You can alias these labels so that the labels are personalized for your repo (for example if you prefer enhancement vs. feature_request).

Instructions on how to alias the labels can be viewed on the app's website.

This app only works on public repositories.


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Trending repository

Trending repository

Python 开源项目之「自学编程之路」,保姆级教程:AI实验室、宝藏视频、数据结构、学习指南、机器学习实战、深度学习实战、网络爬虫、大厂面经、程序人生、资源分享。

  • Updated Dec 4, 2021
  • Python
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DeepSource is the fastest and the most reliable way to run static analysis on your code. Our 13+ analyzers help you prevent thousands of security and bug risks, anti-patterns, and other defects before your code is merged.

But wait, we have more!

  • Automatically fix issues with Autofix. One-click, and done!
  • Put your code formatting on complete autopilot with Transformers.
  • Sleek, dark-mode UI that you'd actually enjoy using.
  • Free forever for developers and small teams.